Lasvit Crystal Wall

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Lasvit Crystal Wall


Studio Koncern designed this projectfor company Lasvit focusing on exclusive glass products.


Lasvit Crystal Walls is an original prefabricated module consisting in crystal components with pre-defined model options and a highly esthetic effect. The module is a new mutable device, unique for its quality, set at the edge between applied and fine arts. Lasvit Crystal Walls represents a new alternative for the arrangement of deluxe and representative interior spaces of any kind, all the while embracing the custom of glass application as seen in the Czechoslovak representative architecture of the 1960’s and the 1970’s.


The Lasvit Crystal Walls design involves digitally recurring structures of crystal glass segments. With simple crystal elements you can create about twenty models, from puristic geometrical structures to rich decorative patterns.





Lasvit s.r.o.


Filip Slapal