Embracing Paranoia

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Embracing Paranoia


The Prague-based studio Koncern presents its latest collection of galvanized glass objects called Embracing Paranoia, revealing the world of surveillance and eavesdropping. It seems that the Big Brother from George Orwell's novel 1984 became a reality recently. We are monitored everywhere. They watch us on cameras, at tollgates; they eavesdrop on us using our own phones, computers and televisions. The society has accepted this condition where almost everyone knows everything about everyone. This situation has become a source of inspiration for an experimental collection of objects, which combines traditional Czech glass, innovative 3D printing technology and sophisticated audio systems. Two monumental chandeliers, which capture the voices of visitors and reproduce them again, are the central motif of the installation at Ventura Lambrate (Salone del Mobile), Milano 2015. Four glass surveillance cameras broadcast the events in real time on a YouTube channel. The collection is completed with a table lamp and special sarcophagus of telecommunication technology, in which cell phones lose their signal. The whole project is completed by miniature wiretaps, which will be hidden by the authors around various venues during the Salone del Mobile. Anyone can reach them through connecting to public phone numbers and become the Big Brother, just for a moment.


Active wiretaps phone numbers:

+39 33 49 14 50 97

+39 33 89 63 59 03



14/4 - 19/4/2015


Koncern exhibition at the adress:


Via Massimiano 25, Lambrate, Milano

subway Lambrate




Filip Slapal